Random Musings and Hot Takes

Celebrity Crushes

Happy Valentine’s Day, you beautiful people! (I’m sure you’re reading this a week or more afterwards, so I imagine it was a good one) I hope you took the opportunity to show someone how much you care about them, or had a romantic evening with your significant other. For the rest of us, the only […]

White Noise

I vividly remember having a sleep-over at my cousin’s house when we were, like, 5 or 6 – the worst part about it was that my cousin insisted on having some cheesy kids music playing while he fell asleep! Not only was it baby music I was too cool to want to listen to, but […]

What Does It Mean To Be A Picky Eater?

As a kid, it’s easy to pick out a picky eater – my sister was a chronic one, but other than a few memorable exceptions, I feel like I was a pretty amicable eater. It helps that my mom is a wonderful cook and our family subsists on a pretty “meat and potatoes” diet (because […]

It Took $3000 in Dental Work For Me To Care About My Teeth

A cautionary tale folks – there’s really not much more to it, but I never took great care of my teeth. It wasn’t anybody’s fault but my own, I just fell into a habit of not even brushing regularly. Now, that alone might make some of you a little squeamish, but from what I could […]

#relatable vol. 1

Okay, so I’m eating half a bag of baby carrots, right? Like, an obscene number of baby carrots, ya know? And while I’m munching along there’s a distinctly “non-carrot” crunch. You guessed it, my friggin lower lip that’s what! Now I’m bleeding all over the bag of carrots – and what am I gonna do, […]

LEGO Philosophy

I love LEGOs, they were a huge part of my childhood – from my earliest memories of Kindergarten, to my cousin’s and uncle’s obsessive collection, to building my own, making stop motion films, and playing the multitude of great PC games – LEGOs are great. The only thing I don’t like about LEGO is the […]

For Some Reason, I’m Just Really Into Trains…

I hate Thomas the tank-engine, I have no fascination with model trains, I’m not even that interested in riding trains, but when any train appears in a movie or game I’m all over it. Maybe trains hold an elusive, mysterious quality. Like the excitement of being in an airport terminal – all the rushing around and anticipation […]

I Never Learned How To Type

It may surprise some of you to hear, since I’m a person who writes a blog and somewhat pride myself on my writing ability, but I was never formally taught how to type. To prove it, for the rest of this post I will not edit any of my grammar or spelling unless I catch […]

Falling Back In Love With Yu-io-oh!

I can thank my neighbors, the Henry Boys, for introducing me me to dozens of awesome things in my early elementary years – Pokemon, Bionicles, Skateboarding, Power Rangers, Zelda, and all the late 90s trading card games. None of us ever got the hang of the Pokemon card game, and although I think Duel Masters […]

Personality Types Are Very Important To Me

Be it Myers-Briggs, or the Enneagram, or one of those “Which Harry Potter Character Are You” Facebook Quizzes – I love personalities tests. In a broad sense, I enjoy recognizing patterns in society and gaining knowledge to better understand and categorize the people around me. But on a personal level, I just love to self-asses […]

Who’s The Best Disney Princess?

If you grew up watching Disney at all, you’ve no doubt been indoctrinated into the pantheon of Disney Princesses. And I’m not saying this as some sort of masculine cover-up, I unironically love Disney Princesses. Be it my soft-spot for romantic drama, each princess’ varied design and inner strength, their relatable goals of self-identity, affection, and […]

My Favorite Youtuber Quit Youtube

Louie Batten aka Hippocrit aka Gibbontake is a twenty-something content creator from the shores of the UK. In High School, Louie started a Youtube channel – Gibbontake which laid mostly dormant until 2012 with the rise of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’s popularity. His channel joined the fledgling Pony Analysis movement – reviewing episodes […]

In Defense of Banana Flavored Foods

I went to the grocery store a few days ago to stock up on the usual gubbins, but you know which two items had me the most pumped? A banana-split flavored lollipop and an 8-pack of Little Debbie Banana Marshmallow Pies – cause listen here, folks, Banana flavored foods are the unsung snack heroes. Now, […]

2019 Resolutions

You know what’s more annoying than someone telling you about all their “New Year’s Resolutions”? The discourse and people complaining about how resolutions are dumb and never stick and completely arbitrary. So suck it up, cause some of us take these things seriously! Now, historically, resolutions were a source of guilt and shame when after […]

Thanksgiving Food: Ranked

With Thanksgiving behind us and I’ve had some time to reflect – I think it’s only logical to rank which Thanksgiving foods are truly worth the belly space. Heavens knows our country has a penchant for overeating – especially during the holidays, but 2018 marks the first year in my life I’ve overeaten to the […]

Strawinsky and the Mysterious House is weird and bad

Like most great discoveries in the age of the internet, I was introduced to a new meme, well new to me. During a Vinesauce Vinny livestream, Vin pulled up a strange song off Youtube from a poorly animated 3D cartoon. It depicted a hideous hairless slug man singing a bunch of obnoxious gibberish surrounded by […]